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How to Choose the Best Golf Cart in 2024?


Choosing a Golf Cart can be both exciting and yet daunting!
The most important question is what do you want your cart to do?

  • How will you use your cart? Golf course? On the street?
  • How many people will sit in your cart?
  • Should you buy new or used?
  • Which are the best golf cart brands?
  • What are the long-term aspects of golf cart ownership, such as maintenance and care, and the initial costs?
  • What features or accessories do you need for your cart?

What Type of Golf Cart?

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Selecting the right golf cart involves thinking about performance, comfort, budget, and whether you’re looking for something eco-friendly or with more power.
Is your golf course hilly? Or are you looking to use your golf cart on the road?

Push Golf Carts

Push golf carts are manual, meaning you’ll physically push them around the course. They are the budget-friendly and low maintenance option.
When considering a push cart, look for one that is lightweight and has features like a scorecard holder, easy-to-use brake, and storage for convenience.
My own push golf cart is also foldable, so it fits nicely in the car. The only negative aspect is the lack of a rotating front wheel, which makes quick turns a little harder!

Electric Golf Carts

Electric golf carts can be environmentally friendly, with no pollution and quiet. Do think, however, about the battery once it has come to the end of its useful life and the environmental factors of producing the electricity.
They come with different battery options, including a long-lasting lithium battery, which, despite the higher upfront cost, tends to offer low maintenance in the long run.

If you are thinking about an electric golf cart, also consider the charging time, speed, and power.

Bear in mind the time needed to charge an electric cart – between 8 and 14 hours, and what happens if you run out of charge halfway through your round. Towing or pushing comes to mind!

Also, think about your golf course – will it be too hilly for an electric cart – if so, be ready for the ‘slow climb’!

Gas Golf Carts

If you prefer or need more power and extended use without the need to recharge, gas golf carts might be the right choice. They are faster and can be more suitable for hilly terrain.

However, consider the emissions (especially if parking in confined spaces) and the extra noise compared to electric models.
Also, like your car, consider the servicing costs and maintenance parts such as oil and filters.

Street Legal Golf Carts

Some carts (mainly gas with their higher speeds) are designed to be street legal, and be customized to comply with road regulations.

If you are an enthusiast looking for something special, there are vintage and customized carts, and even Harley-Davidson golf carts!

Maintenance and Care

When choosing your golf cart, think about the maintenance too.


Keep your batteries in check, as they are the lifeblood of your electric golf cart. Regularly clean the connections to prevent corrosion and ensure the top-up of the water levels in the batteries is done correctly. Lithium batteries have lower maintenance, but you still need to keep to the manufacturer’s guidelines to maintain the warranty.


A clean cart is a happy cart! Regular cleaning not only keeps your golf cart looking great but also allows you to inspect the body and undercarriage for any issues that may need service.


A Golf cart saves time and effort on the course, but off it, you will need to service it as well as check tire pressures, inspect brake pads and oil/water levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much is a Golf Cart?

The cost of a new golf cart can start at around $4,000 but can easily cost over $20,000 depending on the brand & features.
A used golf cart could be available for under US$2000; some could be refurbished to look almost brand new.

How Long do Golf Carts last?

If looked after properly, you will still see some from the 1980s!

Which Golf Cart brands are known for their reliability?

Some of the most reliable golf cart brands include Yamaha, Club Car, and E-Z-GO. Each brand offers a range of models suited for different purposes and budgets.

Should I Choose a New or Used golf cart?

How much money do you want to spend?

A new cart will have the latest features, be customized, and have a full warranty. It will be more expensive, but there can be some good deals, especially at the end of the golf season.
A used golf cart can offer great value if it has been looked after, especially if stored well during Winter. There are many out there, and you should be able to get a more highly specified cart for your money.

Are Golf Carts street legal?

Golf carts are street legal in many areas but often require modifications like turn signals, seat belts, and a horn. Check your local laws!

Do I need Insurance for a Golf Cart?

Yes, insurance is typically necessary, especially if you use the golf cart off the course or if it is street legal. Insurance covers liabilities, damage, and theft like a standard vehicle insurance policy.

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